Cooking With Nicky

Cooking With Nicky



We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with foodie blogger Nicky! All the way from the Kitchen Sanctuary blog, each week, Nicky will be cooking up easy recipes and sharing foodie cleaning hacks on our social media channels.

In each video, Nicky will take you step by step through the recipes, providing tips and advice
on how to make food taste delicious without spending hours in the kitchen. We know that busy people don’t always have the time to cook up a complicated recipes so we want to bring easy meals and hacks right to your kitchen table.

Nicky is a 36 year old wife and mum of two, who in her own words is ‘a firm believer in sitting the family down at the table as often as possible for a nice home cooked meal and a catch-up on the day’. She is a self confessed food magazine and recipe book addict (a girl after our own heart) and has created some mouth watering recipes for us to enjoy and help clean up afterwards!

  • One-Pot Cheese and Tomato Pasta with Spring Vegetables

    One-Pot Cheese and Tomato Pasta with Spring Vegetables and creamy feta – a fab Meat-free Monday meal! I think I might start making all of my pasta meals as one pot dinners! It’s so easy to bung everything into the pan, then bring the pan to the table and serve up from there. I also… Read … show more

  • Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns With Orange Honey Butter

    These Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns make a great Easter dessert or Breakfast! I thought I loved regular hot cross buns, but these chocolate orange buns take breakfast to a whole new level. I made these on Friday night ready for a food styling class Chris and I were attending on Saturday … show more

  • One-Pot Turkey Meatballs With Courgetti

    A lighter alternative to regular meatballs, these One-Pot Turkey Meatballs With Courgetti are tender and delicious! One-pot meatballs are a complete revelation to me. I’m very fussy when it comes to meatballs. Not only have they got to be juicy and flavourful, they’ve also got to be perfec … show more

  • Healthier Red Thai Chicken Curry – without the shop-bought sauce!

    The homemade curry paste for this Spicy Healthier Red Thai Chicken Curry is easy and packed with flavour! I love a good curry at the weekend. I’ll often reach for the ready-made curry paste out of convenience, but in fact it only takes 5 minutes more to make your own paste from scratch. Th … show more

  • Flourless Chocolate Cherry Cake

    If you’re looking for a chocolatey, rich dessert, this Flourless Chocolate Cherry Cake is for you. It’s simple to make and gluten free too! It was my birthday yesterday, so I’m eating all the cake. All the chocolate and all the fizzy cola bottles too (pick n’ mix at the cinema is irresisti … show more

  • Frozen Pink Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail & Great British Food Award Nomination

    Frozen Pink Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail – A pretty, cooling drink to kick off Spring! It’s March, it’s a tiny bit sunny, and I’m celebrating with frozen cocktails. Woo hoo! Chris was making instant sorbet the other day (basically whizzed up frozen berries) for dessert, and I thought ‘I’m … show more

  • Baked Fish and Chips with Lemon Smashed Peas

    Baked Fish and Chips! They may be baked in the oven, but they’ve still got all the flavour and crunch of the fried version! Four weeks into my diet, and a new chippy has just opened up the road from us (groan!!). Served in paper (those polystyrene containers just aren’t the same) with an o … show more

  • Creamy Slow Cooked Pork Casserole

    Creamy Slow Cooked Pork Casserole – perfect comfort food! This is my kind of Friday night dinner when it’s been raining and miserable all day and you just want something really tasty to warm you up from the inside. I’d contentedly scoff every bit of this dish, but that sauce over mashed po … show more

  • Blog Income and Traffic Report January 2017

    Interested in knowing some of the behind the scenes stuff for Kitchen Sanctuary? Here’s the latest in my January income and traffic report. Check out my previous reports here. Happy March everyone! Spring is close! I’ve spotted a few daffodils and bluebells popping up – but we also had lot … show more

  • Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl

    Oh my! This Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl is bursting with spicy flavour! Marinated, then grilled or fried and served with a vibrant, crunchy salad. It’s a crowd pleaser! Thinly sliced pieces of sirloin steak, marinated, then cooked until juicy and just a little bit charred. Yep, this went down … show more

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