Cooking With Nicky

Cooking With Nicky



We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with foodie blogger Nicky! All the way from the Kitchen Sanctuary blog, each week, Nicky will be cooking up easy recipes and sharing foodie cleaning hacks on our social media channels.

In each video, Nicky will take you step by step through the recipes, providing tips and advice
on how to make food taste delicious without spending hours in the kitchen. We know that busy people don’t always have the time to cook up a complicated recipes so we want to bring easy meals and hacks right to your kitchen table.

Nicky is a 36 year old wife and mum of two, who in her own words is ‘a firm believer in sitting the family down at the table as often as possible for a nice home cooked meal and a catch-up on the day’. She is a self confessed food magazine and recipe book addict (a girl after our own heart) and has created some mouth watering recipes for us to enjoy and help clean up afterwards!

  • Spring Vegetable Risotto with Creamy Pesto

    This Spring Vegetable Risotto with Creamy Pesto is creamy, cheesy and totally moreish! Ok, we’re in the veggie swing and the days are getting warmer! We need light dinners with lots of green and plenty of flavour. Even more so because our trip to Florida is coming up fast and I want to fee … show more

  • Korean Steak Sandwich with Jalapenos and Garlic Mayo

    Whoa! I just created the mother of all toasties! This Korean Steak Sandwich might just be the best butty you’ve ever eaten! This post was created in collaboration with Breville – using their 3 Slice DuraCeramic Sandwich Press. It’s British Sandwich week! And what could be better that a toa … show more

  • Kick Off National Vegetarian Week With This Vegetarian Summer Tomato Pizza + Basil Garlic Butter

    This Vegetarian Summer Tomato Pizza with Basil Garlic Butter and creamy cashew drizzle is a meal even the meat-eaters will love. The homemade no-knead, no-prove flatbread base is super quick to make! This recipe was commissioned by the Vegetarian Society as part of #nationalvegetarianweek … show more

  • Cheese and Tomato Tarts (Not Quiche!!)

    Cheese and Tomato Tarts with a rich tomato ragu and creamy béchamel sauce encased in shortcrust pastry. The best vegetarian lunch! I must state very clearly right now. This is not quiche. It’s the first thing Chris asked when I put it on the table, and I’m pretty sure the kids would have t … show more

  • Mushroom and Grana Padano Arancini Stuffed with Prosciutto di San Daniele

    Arancini makes such a great appetiser or party food – these ones are made with creamy Grana Padano Cheese and stuffed with Prosciutto di San Daniele! This post was created in collaboration with Grana Padano and Prosciutto di San Daniele. Risotto is one of those recipes I’ve come to love ov … show more

  • Chocolate Orange No-Bake Cheesecake

    This Chocolate Orange No-Bake Cheesecake is rich, creamy and indulgent! Oh man, you wouldn’t believe how quickly this cheesecake was demolished by out little family of four. It’s quite a rich dessert, so I think you could easily get 12 servings out of it. I made it on a Friday and it was g … show more

  • Grana Padano and Egg Stuffed Muffins With Prosciutto di San Daniele.

    These egg stuffed muffins are cheesy and delicious – perfect for a picnic! This post was created in collaboration with Grana Padano and Prosciutto di San Daniele. Look out for the Protected Designation of Origin symbol, which is an assurance of quality! It’s almost picnic season! I love pi … show more

  • Mexican Chicken Skewers with Rice and Picante Salsa

    It’s Cinco de Mayo on Friday! Try these Mexican Chicken Skewers with Rice and Picante Salsa for a tasty dinner! One of the things I love about being a blogger, is getting inspiration from National or Celebratory days. We don’t tend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the UK, and in fact good ole … show more

  • Kitchen Sanctuary Kitchen Reveal! Plus Video!

    It’s finally finished! The brand new Kitchen Sanctuary Kitchen and Office! I’ve only been promising to get this out for what, 2 months? So now I’m going to make you wait for extra 5 minutes for a big, long talky bit (sorry): We finally finished the extension and remodel of the kitchen, plu … show more

  • Salted Caramel Millionaires shortbread

    This Salted Caramel Millionaires shortbread is a real treat – perfect for picnics! Friday night in comfy PJs, watching Big Bang Theory on TV whilst scoffing these tempting treats. It’s bad, but it’s also really really good. After photographing these squares, I decided it would be safer to … show more

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