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    • Sarah Maclean
    • London
    • Oven Pride is so easy to use that I no longer need to keep putting off the dreaded oven cleaning. It even makes mine look brand new, outstanding!

    • philip pritchardw
    • wolverhampton
    • Brilliant, used to use Brillow pad to clean my oven until I thought hmmmm, I will try Ovenpride and after seeing results without all the scrubbing, I dont use anything else and I even use it to do my 80 year old moms cooker and she is also amazed at how good it is and not much effort is needed

    • Beth Bowdler
    • United Kingdom
    • Cleaning the cooker is the worst job in the world. However, Oven Pride has come to my rescue. It's nothing short of miraculous

    • Belfast
    • I looked up lots of home remedies and tried other brands but nothing, and I mean nothing cleans your oven like Ovenpride. It give you that feeling of satisfaction when something is horrible and dirty and with minimal effort you have a sparkling new oven. It's the best oven cleaner I have ever used, very good value for money and have already got a few friends to try it. It's my product of the year.

    • abid shaikh
    • birmingham
    • I have never cleaned myself being a busy husband. But my wife has been using Ovenpride every week to clean and when she runs out of stock I get a phonecall to saying "please can you bring some on the way home from work". She also likes the smell compared to other household cleaners. It's the best product on the market I would say as I've seen the sparkling outcome.

Displaying 46 - 50 of 62 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13