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    • Liz
    • Brighton
    • Used Oven pride last night to clean the oven as I had heard good things about it, cant believe how clean it looks the racks look like new. Will definately be using it again and telling others. No effort what so ever. thanks was dreading the job of cleaning the oven

    • Sandra Scott
    • Essex
    • Was astounded by how amazingly cooker looks after cleaning, this was the easiest and most effective oven cleaner I have ever used, would highly recommend.

    • Kim
    • Nr Doncaster
    • WOW!!! so i started cleaning my oven and bars last night, at 7pm, set it all up as instucted went up to bed at 10pm! when i went to finish the job at 9:30am i just wiped it clean with cold water (cos i turned wrong tap on ooops) and a fresh sponge and there looking like new again :) i will definately recommend to friends & family

    • Kim Graham
    • Plymouth Devon UK
    • I was told by another family member to get this product as i had been quoted £60.00 for someone to clean my cooker .I read the instructions and started in only a matter of about 30 mins my bars were shining in the bag and after 24 hrs i almost needed sun glasses to look inside my oven .I cannot thank you enough for this great product it was so easy to clean no need to scrub just really hot water and a couple of old cloth what a real break through this is i will be telling everyone i know about this great product just as soon as i have stock pilled a couple away for myself one again thank you i even enjoyed cleaning my cooker something i never thought i would say thankyou

    • Lauren
    • Barrow
    • Oven Pride cleans my oven better than every other brand I've tried, after just one use it was gleaming like new. It makes cleaning my kitchen practically effortless.

Displaying 56 - 60 of 62 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13