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    • Adrian Pudsey
    • Hereford
    • Hi,
      I do not find the current product as good as it was two years ago. Even after Thirty Hours
      soaking, the oven racks are still not clean.


    • Sean Edwards
    • North Shields
    • This product is absolutely amazing, it actually does what it says on the box! Our oven and oven racks came up like new and they were so bad we were consicering getting a professional oven cleaner it to do the job for us. Tried this product more in hope than anything else and it really worked.

      Thank you

    • Thomas Colman
    • Farnborough, Hampshire
    • I am Thomas and I'm severely disabled.

      My electric oven had not been cleaned for 4 years and was in a state - some times it caught fire (LOL)!

      But I went into the main shop and was going to buy Mr Muscle. A lady asked me what I was going to do, I told her what my oven was like and she showed me your product. So, I put Mr Muscle back on the shelf and got yours. I came home and did exactly as it said to do.

      The following day I wiped it - yes just wiped it with a cloth, no hard wire or wire brush as I had used before - and behold, I was really really taken a back to see a completely new oven!

      I am severely disabled in a wheelchair, thinking I could never manage to clean my own oven. I did!

    • Paul Pristavec
    • Tonyrefail
    • Cleaning the oven is a job that needs the best cleaner. I have tried several that I found in local supermarkets ranging from wipes to solutions. None of them worked as I would have liked. I still had a poorly cleaned oven. Just by chance, I bought Oven Pride from a discount store and have been putting off the job for as long as I possibly could. I did the job over night last night, completing it this morning and - WOW! - what a superb job the product has done! There are some of the really stubborn bits that need another go, but that is possibly my fault for not covering the parts that are difficult to reach as well as the rest of it.

      I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Next shop? Buy another one for the next clean, which won't be as long as the last one took!

    • Simon Hutchinson
    • Somerset
    • I have just used Oven Pride to clean my oven. My oven was disgusting and not been clean for about 8 months. I have used other oven cleaning products and have not been impressed, however finishing off my oven today I was totally shocked at how clean the racks and the oven came up. It's looks new. I will be recommending Oven Pride to all my friends who want to clean their oven - it was so easy and I didn't have any scrubbing to do. Made my morning chores a lot quicker.

      Thank you.

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