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    • Geraldine Angus
    • Peterborough
    • I love oven pride it's a godsend have used it loads however this time I must have had some on gloves and when taking doors off transferred to the silver so now have large hand prints burnt into silver is there a product I can get to make it look alright again as now oven looks like it has sticky handprints all over the silver, I will continue to use. It thought you might know of a solution to. My problem photo only shows one area I have 5

    • Sue Smith
    • Ruislip Manor
    • OMG, how fantastic to find such an amazing product. After buying a new oven, was dissapointed that after a couple of months and several roast dinners my oven was looking quite unclean. A friend at my work, I work as a receptionist in a school, told me about oven pride, clean in a bag, easy to use. Doubtful this would be as good as she said, I thought why not try it. I purchased from Sainsbury the following day and then on Saturday used it. Once again, OMG, how fab and all that grease in the bag,Shocked my oven was so dirty .That evening I sent all my friends and family a picture of my oven and told them to go and buy oven pride straight away, very cheap and amazing and I now have a shiny new oven again!! On the Monday I put a notice up in the staff room, top tip of the week, if you don't already use it, buy and use Oven Pride!! Thank you, you have changed my life lol!!

    • Robin Bingham
    • Bedford
    • Advised by my 86 year old mother to buy Oven Pride to clean my oven and combi microwave at home. Fantastic results! Then I thought it might work for the six hob filters in my restaurant. This is a three to four hour horrible, arduous task which we have had to endure for the last three years. So what did we do? Popped into the restaurant in the morning on our day off. Put each filter into a bag shook them about a bit and then ........ went out for the day and had a meal in someone else's restaurant! On our return, took them out of the bags, a quick wash and the results were extraordinary! Thank you for giving our lives back. Our free day is now a FREE DAY!!!

    • United Kingdom
    • I tried all the usual oven cleaning products on the market for cleaning my oven i used the sprays and wire wool ended up with so much mess as i have a large cooker with a 60cm rack. Its so hard to manouvre in the sink let alone the bathroom where it ends up making a bigger mess. I saw Oven pride a few times but thought the bag would never be big enough until i opened the box in the supermarket out of curiosity, like you do...whoo it was big enough. I purchased my first box...used it as it told me to and wore the gloves (dont usually but it said i had to ) put my rack in the bag filled it with the dose recommended and left over night, it had a few massages whilst resting on the floor. I followed the directions about how to dispose of the liquid safely and took my rack out and WOW it was so clean. I am a convert i now always have a box in the cupboard for my moments of cleaning madness...I would recommend this to anyone in need of a good oven clean it removes all the grease and burnt on food and all the deposits that get left from cooking in the bottom of the oven...If you ever doubt you need to try and see for yourself....Thank you Oven pride oven cleaning has never been so simple.

    • Michele Platman
    • Birmingham
    • I'm always cooking something in my oven, so the floor and other bits of the oven get really grimed up. Oven Pride is my absolute saviour, it helps me to get all those burned on bits off the floor and brings up all the metal racks absolutely beautifully, so the whole oven shines from top to bottom! Wouldn't use anything else, and have always got a few boxes in stock - just in case of culinary accidents!

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