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Oven Pride – surely the best oven cleaning product on the market, gone are the days of endless hours of scrubbing. It’s left my oven gleaming inside. I have recommended Oven Pride to all my friends and family, it’s so easy to use and it does all the hard work so I don’t have to!

Raj Sandhu, West Midlands

Fantastic Stuff!! Cannot praise it enough. I hate cleaning my double ovens and am ashamed to say the racks were black but after using the product they are as new. On my list to buy again.

Sarah J Murphy, Wigan

The best oven cleaning product I have ever used. My oven is like new now.

Susan Kai, London

As a single guy, cleaning the oven was never really high on my priority list but £4 in Tesco, I was pessimistic, to say the least, but figured I’d give it a go. Stuck the racks in the bag, poured the remaining fluid into the oven and spread it around a bit, left it overnight and Presto … glistening. Really is amazing stuff and really easy to use, can be a bit messy when you’re trying to clean the fluid out of the oven but you’d have that same problem whatever way you cleaned it. Highly recommend,

Lee Jones, Scotland, UK

I wasn’t holding out much hope for the product, but after minutes of putting the oven racks in the bag and adding the cleaning solution you could already see such a difference. It also worked miracles on the inside of my oven as well. The girls at work use oven pride and kept say how good it was, so I decided to buy a box and try it myself. I was very impressed and it’s so easy to use. 5 star product!!

Emma Kibble, Gloucestershire

Omg, what can I say about this product, it’s amazing no scrubbing required, just follow the instructions on the packet and it’s all done

Guj Kaur, Derby

Thank you for such an amazing product. So easy to use and no effort required to obtain a sparkling oven that looks like new.
Saving money on using a company to come in at £100 a pop – what is there not to love

Maria Carr, Middlesex

Absolutely amazing product! I used it to clean my boyfriend’s 3-year-old oven. Being a typical bloke, he used it a lot for the past 3 years and hasn’t cleaned it, not even once! I wasn’t sure if this stuff would work but oh my was I surprised! The oven looks brand new. I just wish I took before & after photos to share with you! I still can’t get over how good this stuff is!

Aleksandra Dratwinska, Dumfries

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