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Oven Pride – surely the best oven cleaning product on the market, gone are the days of endless hours of scrubbing. It’s left my oven gleaming inside. I have recommended Oven Pride to all my friends and family, it’s so easy to use and it does all the hard work so I don’t have to!

Raj Sandhu, West Midlands

Fantastic Stuff!! Cannot praise it enough. I hate cleaning my double ovens and am ashamed to say the racks were black but after using the product they are as new. On my list to buy again.

Sarah J Murphy, Wigan

I have used Oven Pride ever since my sister gave me a box.Will be cleaning my oven tomorrow after all the christmas/New Year cooking.Wont be long til it’s sparkling again.Would recommend to everyone.

Sandra Tindall, Lincolnshire

This product is absolutely amazing, it actually does what it says on the box! Our oven and oven racks came up like new and they were so bad we were considering getting a professional oven cleaner in to do the job for us. Tried this product more in hope than anything else and it really worked.

Sean Edwards, North Shields

Wasn’t holding out much hope – even though the oven wasn’t too bad (or so I thought). Just the most dreadful job in the world. Bought your product with some reservations but thought anything to make it an easier job. Was totally amazed. Left overnight yesterday, couldn’t believe how easy it could be. The racks look like new as does the oven without all the dreadful rubbing and scrubbing. Took such a short time will not mind ever doing it again. Your product will be in my cupboard for good. And will recommend to all my friends etc., Thanks for a great product. I can even get out of the house today in the sunshine as I haven’t had to spend sooooo much time cleaning my oven. Well done Oven Pride.

Yvonne, Hatfield Broad Oak

Having moved into our new home 2 years ago, the oven had not been cleaned well before we moved in. It was a job that I kept putting off because of the state of it. I tried the other conventional methods, with a lot of scrubbing, but the oven and racks did not look much different to their original state. I saw the Oven Pride product on the shelf and thought what have I got to lose. WOW! It was so easy to use and the baked on grime just peeled off with no scrubbing. This product has changed the way ovens are cleaned, it’s just brilliant with no mess, no fuss and no scrubbing (it almost makes me want to clean the oven again now). I thank you Oven Pride for getting it right and making a horrible job, very rewarding and making my oven look like new.

Jennifer Cleaver, Kent

Absolutely fantastic product! Started using it this year to clean the oven in my student accommodation. Doubt the thing had been cleaned in years, used your product and it was like new! Will continue to buy it whenever I need to clean the oven. 10/10 would recommend.

Daniel Woolley, Nottingham

My oven has not been cleaned in over eight months. Disgusting I know. I am in rented accommodation so I knew it would be so difficult to remove the build up. Oven Pride made everything so easy. I left the formula to sit overnight in both my oven and my trays in the bag supplied. Washing them the next day was effortless. The dirt practically fell off and my wire racks were silver again. My oven tray looked brand new, so did my oven. 10/10 marks for me. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

Sarah Byrne, Ireland, Carlow

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