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Oven Pride – surely the best oven cleaning product on the market, gone are the days of endless hours of scrubbing. It’s left my oven gleaming inside. I have recommended Oven Pride to all my friends and family, it’s so easy to use and it does all the hard work so I don’t have to!

Raj Sandhu, West Midlands

Fantastic Stuff!! Cannot praise it enough. I hate cleaning my double ovens and am ashamed to say the racks were black but after using the product they are as new. On my list to buy again.

Sarah J Murphy, Wigan

Absolutely fantastic product! Started using it this year to clean the oven in my student accommodation. Doubt the thing had been cleaned in years, used your product and it was like new! Will continue to buy it whenever I need to clean the oven. 10/10 would recommend.

Daniel Woolley, Nottingham

My oven has not been cleaned in over eight months. Disgusting I know. I am in rented accommodation so I knew it would be so difficult to remove the build up. Oven Pride made everything so easy. I left the formula to sit overnight in both my oven and my trays in the bag supplied. Washing them the next day was effortless. The dirt practically fell off and my wire racks were silver again. My oven tray looked brand new, so did my oven. 10/10 marks for me. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

Sarah Byrne, Ireland, Carlow

I was told by another family member to get this product as I had been quoted £60.00 for someone to clean my cooker .I read the instructions and started. In only a matter of about 30 mins my bars were shining in the bag and after 24 hrs I almost needed sun glasses to look inside my oven .I cannot thank you enough for this great product it was so easy to clean no need to scrub just really hot water and a couple of old clothes. What a real break through this. I will be telling everyone I know about this great product just as soon as I have stock pilled a couple away for myself. Onee again thank you. I even enjoyed cleaning my cooker- something I never thought I would say. Thank you.

Kim Graham, Plymouth Devon UK

Fantastic product!! Cannot praise it enough. I hate cleaning my double ovens and am ashamed to say the racks were black but after using the product they are as new. On my list to buy and use again.

Carole E Goldsmith, Hampshire

I looked up lots of home remedies and tried other brands but nothing, and I mean nothing cleans your oven like Oven Pride. It give you that feeling of satisfaction when something is horrible and dirty and with minimal effort you have a sparkling new oven. It’s the best oven cleaner I have ever used, very good value for money and have already got a few friends to try it. It’s my product of the year.

Tracy O Toole, Belfast

I’m always cooking something in my oven, so the floor and other bits of the oven get really grimed up. Oven Pride is my absolute saviour, it helps me to get all those burned on bits off the floor and brings up all the metal racks absolutely beautifully, so the whole oven shines from top to bottom! Wouldn’t use anything else, and have always got a few boxes in stock – just in case of culinary accidents!

Michele Platman, Birmingham

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