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Q. Can I use the product on a self cleaning oven?
A self-cleaning oven is an oven which uses high temperatures to burn off leftovers from baking, without the use of any chemical agents. Oven Pride is suitable for use on surfaces in a self cleaning oven, with the exception of the sides.

Q. Can I re-use the bag?
No, the bags are designed for single use only.

Q. Can I use the product on the outside of the oven?
No, the product is only designed for use on the inside of the oven, including the racks.

Q. Do you deliver Oven Pride abroad?
We are only able to deliver Oven Pride within Great Britain, this is due to to strict regulations governing the transport of household cleaning products and also the escalated costs of using a courier service abroad.

Q. Is the product safe for use with a septic tank?
Yes, this is suitable for use with septic tanks.

Q. What are the measurements of the bag provided?
The bag provided measures 765mm x 540mm.

Q. Can I use the product on the glass on my oven door?
No, as the glass is tempered and the product can cause the glass to crack. Tempered glass is glass that has been processed by thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength in comparison to normal glass.

Q. Can I use the product on the hob?
No, do not use on any part of the hob including hob/cooker/oven rings. However you can use Hob Pride, our  hob cleaning product.  Please visit our ‘Where Can I Buy?’ page for stockist information.

Q. How do I dispose of the bag safely after use?

The residue in the bag can be disposed of down the sink, partially fill the bag with water; tilt the bag so that the solution collects in one bottom corner, cut off the other corner and then tilt back to allow the reside to be poured safely down the sink. The bag can then be disposed of with your general waste.

Q. Is the packaging recyclable?

The box is fully recyclable. Please dispose of all other packaging with your general waste.

Q. Is the product suitable for every type of oven?

We would always recommend contacting the manufacturer of your appliance for guidance. If you are in any doubt then do not use the product.

Q. What is the correct contact time to achieve the best results?

We recommend at least 4 hours but ideally overnight to give the best results.

Q. Can I use Oven Pride when pregnant?

Yes you can use Oven Pride when pregnant making sure that all the instructions on pack are followed.

Q. Does your product contain gluten, dairy, sucrose?


Q. Can I use the product on cast iron?

No this may potentially leave residue or even damage with it not being a coated surface.

Q. Can i use it on my non-stick baking trays and aluminium pot stands?

No, Oven Pride cannot be used on non-stick or aluminium surfaces

Q. I have used Oven Pride and accidently spilt the product leaving a stain on my worktop, floor, flagstones.  How can I remove the stain?

Our Oven Pride Oven Cleaner has been tested for use on materials most commonly used in ovens.  We kindly ask that you read and follow the instructions provided on the packaging, protecting surfaces thoroughly from any leakage or spills and taking care not to let the solution drip onto areas not intended to be cleaned or not listed as compatible.

In the unfortunate event Oven Pride has accidently dripped onto a surface other than its intended use, we would ask that you contact the manufacturer of the said surface for appropriate cleaning/repair methods. When completing any cleaning/repairs, please ensure that you exercise caution and handle any spilt liquid with care.

Q. Do you have any bigger bags as the racks won’t fit in?

No, the bag provided is the biggest size available

Q. Can I have a bigger bag for my Range cooker?

No, the bag provided is the biggest size available

Q. Can I buy the bag separately?

No, we don’t sell the bags separately.  A new product will need to be purchased.

Q. Can I buy Oven Pride in a spray format?


Q.Can I buy Oven Pride online?

Oven Pride is available from most major retailers, you will need to check their online store for availability. Please visit our ‘Where Can I Buy?’ page for stockist information.

Q. Where is Oven Pride stocked?

Please visit our ‘Where Can I Buy?’ page for stockist information.

Q. Can I use Oven Pride on my microwave oven?

No, Oven Pride is not suitable for use on your microwave oven due to the materials it is manufactured from.

Q. The gloves don’t fit can you provide bigger ones?

No, this is the only size available.

Q. Can I use Oven Pride on my BBQ?

You can use Oven Pride on your BBQ racks & grills provided that they fit in the bag and are made of suitable materials. Do not use on alluminium, zinc, copper, tin, painted, damaged, self-cleaning or non-stick surfaces. If in doubt please contact the BBQ manufacturer for further clarification.

Q. What is your animal testing policy?

See link to 2016 McBride for animal testing policy https://ovenpride.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Animal-Testing-Policy-June-16.pdf

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