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Oven Pride – surely the best oven cleaning product on the market, gone are the days of endless hours of scrubbing. It’s left my oven gleaming inside. I have recommended Oven Pride to all my friends and family, it’s so easy to use and it does all the hard work so I don’t have to!

Raj Sandhu, West Midlands

Fantastic Stuff!! Cannot praise it enough. I hate cleaning my double ovens and am ashamed to say the racks were black but after using the product they are as new. On my list to buy again.

Sarah J Murphy, Wigan

I have just used Ovenpride for the first time and have to say it is amazing. I have tried many other oven cleaners in the past, all of which were pretty substandard.
Ovenpride does exactly what is says and is so easy to use. It is a first class product, thank you.

Alec James, Dorset

I recently used your product on my oven, left it on overnight as per the instructions and the results were astonishing.
Very impressed, almost like a new. Recommended.

colin gunnell, East Midlands

Great product for cleaning oven and barbecue
On my travel to Australia was completely astonished to not find this product anywhere in Melbourne
Come on Ovenpride this is the land of the Barbecue you must sell this there
None of friends or family have heard of you
You are losing out on selling this amazing product

Marguerite Isbell, London

i can not believe how good this product is. My wife said it is time we bought a new oven as this one is looking very dirty inside i saw OVEN PRIDE on the shelf at supermarket and "sceptically having purchased other products previously" purchased it. WOW! was i so happy, my wife and i could not believe the fantastic results,well done OVEN PRIDE saved me hundreds of £££££££££££’s

John Stewart, Leigh

Can’t believe how new my oven looks now, amazing stuff definitely recommend!

mark Fethney, Wigan

This product simply fantastic. Easy to use and at the end we have got a sparkling, immaculately clean oven without any hassle and endless scrubbing. I could recommend Ovenpride to everyone.

Attila Peter, Tenterden

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