How to Make Chores Fun for Kids

Fun and chores might not seem like they go together. But when it comes to cleaning, many hands will almost definitely make light work. And while getting the kids stuck into some of the housework might be met with a frown or two, there are plenty of different ways you can make chores and tasks entertaining for younger helpers.

There are plenty of different benefits to be had from putting some joy into their duties too. Not only does it free up a little more “me” time for yourself, but it’s also a great way to teach them about things like team work, responsibility, and self-discipline – things that will come in useful when they grow up.

Here, we’ve come up with some creative ways to help make some of those important household chores fun for your little ones.

Create a scavenger hunt

Draw up a list of everyday items like newspapers, magazines, and shoes, then set a timer for five minutes and let your kids see how many of these items they can find (and return to where they should be) in the allotted time. The short duration of time keeps them focused and ensures they stayed engaged for the duration. The child who collects the most items is declared the winner!

Getting the kids to clean up

Make things a surprise

If their response to being asked to do some chores is glum faces all around, then you can always incentivise them by hiding little treats or toys, on or under things like vases, bowls and anything else that might need dusting. When everything is dusted, they can keep the rewards.

Give them their own cleaning equipment

Take a bucket and let them turn it into their own personalised cleaning caddy. Write your child’s name on it and let them add their own personal touch with drawings and stickers, before you fill it with things like sponges, dust rags, and rolls of paper towel. They’ll feel a lot more inclined to do their bit when they know they have their own equipment.

Create a chore chart

Chore charts are a great way to add some structure and predictability to their tasks. By knowing what to do and when, they stop parents from repeatedly having to ask them to help and gives them ownership of their own duties, boosts their motivation, and adds to their self-esteem.

Whenever they complete certain chores, let them mark their chart (a list works just as well) with a gold star. Whoever has the most stickers at the end of the week gets a reward! Remember to switch things up or create new charts to keep tasks varied so they don’t lose interest.

Children tidying away toys

Make a game of it

When it comes to who should do what, why not turn it into a game? Cut up some strips of paper and colour in one end, with each different colour representing a certain chore. When they pick a strip, they then get to work on that chore. You could always make things interesting by leaving one of the strips blank as a “no chore” option.

Speed things up with story time

During particularly monotonous tasks like washing the dishes or doing the laundry, why not make the time go faster by spinning a yarn for them? Or, alternatively, it could be a fun idea to let your little ones tell the story instead? With a bit of imagination, you’ll soon have your chores done and dusted.

Turn it into a competition

You might be able to overcome a lot of your children’s resistance by helping around the house by tapping into their competitive side. Why not see who can complete their list of chores the fastest? Get into the spirit by putting on your best commentator voice to cheer them on.

Alternatively, you could always time them to see how quickly they can clean up their toys, for instance. That way they can set their own personal best for them to beat when it comes to doing chores next time. Just make sure they don’t create more mess in the process!

Kids doing the washing up

Just add water

If you’ve a garden that needs tending to, then why not involve them where you can? They can help you plant new flowers using child-safe spades and tools, and by working alongside you, they’ll not only copy your actions, but it’s a great way to bond while doing something that’s new to them.

And if you need to water your flowerbeds, wash the patio, or clean the car, then they’re sure to get involved. Whenever water’s around, kids always seem to take to it like a duck to, well, you know the rest…

They might take a bit of time to get used to spraying things down with a hose, but you’ll soon have another task ticked off the list – and they’ll have had fun doing it too!

Reward them with pocket money

Of course, if you’re really struggling to get them to help, then some financial rewards might do the trick if it’s feasible for you and you feel they’re old enough. Work out a reasonable allowance beforehand, how often it will be given to them, and let them know they can have it when certain chores have been completed to their proper extent.

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